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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Why should you switch to ORGANIC BABY WIPES?

Our recent land travel from Manila to Bacolod made me appreciate wet wipes. Not only does it come handy for messy instances, it kept my family fresh during the whole trip.

Different wet wipes are sold everywhere. Even in sidewalks, you can get a pack for as low as 15 pesos however, my mom has always reminded me that they are not the same. Some are even not safe to use as it may cause irritations. 

So, I am so happy to find out about Organic Baby Wipes. It is the best and safest baby wipes that has 
  • No paraben
  • No alcohol 
  • No chlorine
  • No harsh ingredients

Every mom will have the peace of mind that their babies are truly taken cared of. Using Organic Baby Wipes, one is ensured that there will be no adverse side effects. It has a mild scent which I really love. 

It is also available in extra large wipes which is approximately double size of the usual wipes. Perfect for messier accidents plus it does not break easily so perfect for thorough cleaning. 

Actually, it's more just Organic Baby Wipes. It is best not only for babies but for moms (I use it as a make-up remover) and the whole family too.  

So, go ahead and switch to these marvelous product. Organic Baby Wipes are available online through
These are also available in shops around Metro Manila. 
  • Makati Supermarket
  • Babyland Eastwood, Shaw, Festival
  • Babysteps (Festival)
  • Babyzone (Fisher |Mall)
  • Fisher Mall Department Store
  • Pioneer Center
  • Unimart 
Price? You'll be surprised how affordable it is. Organic Baby Wipes (20s) is available for as low as Php 32.75 and the extra large wipes (30s) is available for Php 68.75

Don't forget to follow Organic Baby Wipes in facebook too. 

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