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Saturday, August 15, 2015

SCAM FREE: Get paid by answering surveys online.

With a lot of scams and online fraud happening nowadays. Finding an easy online gig is unbelievable. Yet, I am happy to stumble upon a website that says "Get paid by answering surveys online. 

Though I have read both good and bad reviews about this website, I took the chance of finding out if this was legit or not. They say, "it pays small but it sure is." So, I immediately signed up for the website and started answering surveys. 

Your pay is dependent on a points system. You get a certain number of points for every survey you take and when you reach a minimum number of points, you can redeem it for paypal funds. You may also get extra points for referring your friends and family but the referral point is only credited once they activate and start answering surveys on their own. 

The things that stop me from making it a full time gig are

  • The surveys are limited. Depending on your profile, you just a get a certain amount surveys assigned to you. 
  • The surveys screens out. It means that based on your answers, you may unqualified to continue the survey and you simply get 5 points for the effort. 

So, I had been answering surveys for a couple of weeks on my free time. (You don't need to login to their website everyday because they will send an email notification if there is a survey assigned to you) and ended up with approximately 1200 points which is enough to redeem Php500 paypal funds for 1160 points. 

So, last August 7 was the moment of truth for me because I redeemed my first payout. 

I was informed that it will take 5-10 business days for processing which means I should expect it to be credited to my account between August 14- 21. 

Today (August 15) I was so happy to get an email that it has been credited to may paypal account. 

So, if you think this is legit and would like to know more about this, send me a PM on my facebook page or you may leave your email address on the comments below so that I can send you a link.

P.S. There is no joining fee, no processing fee or any form of payment from the member though I am just still extra careful about providing my sensitive information when answering the surveys. 


  1. Nice! I should try this too. Like online gigs. They may pay less but still, it's an amount :D

  2. Wow! They are already sending payments thru PayPal!? I had a problem with them last year because they sent me a dollar check and can only be encashed with a dollar bank account.

    Good to know they open this payment method. No more hassle.

    Thanks for bringing this news!

  3. I am not into online jobs and micro jobs, but I should say it's a good source of online income.

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I'd love to try this, too!

  5. Im interested however i dont have any idea whats paypal is and how it works. My email add is Thank you.

    1. Hi Magnolia,

      You may visit their website/ for more details. Regarding the survey, I think you are already a member of the Global Test Market.

  6. This looks very interesting. I'd love to join but my time is currently stretched at the moment. Hoping that Global Test Market isn't a scam!

  7. I think I already tried Global Test Market before, yup, it isn't a scam. But then I found better work doing what I love in Elance, now Upwork haha. Maybe when I have more time I'll get back to doing surveys for extra income as well.

  8. I wanna this too! I'll check out their website and yes be very cautious when providing information.